The Worth of a Woman:

A poetic statement on the patriarchal view of women and their worth.

Image courtesy of Moses Ilunga

My worth is not defined by the number on a scale,

or the size of my chest,

or the shape of my ass,

or the state of my skin,

or the sound of my voice,

or the quality of my makeup,

or the brand of my clothes,

or the length of my hair,

or the color of my nails,

or the model of my car,

or the way my body moves,

or the amount of skin I show,

or the money in my wallet,

or the profession that I work,

or the way others speak of me,

or the way that you see me.

My worth is not defined by social standard.

Instead, my worth is found in

the knowledge in my mind,

the compassion in my words,

the kindness within my heart,

and the love within my body.

My worth is much more than physical,

And so is yours.

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