Monster (Not Man)

You were too busy yelling to notice

how she flinched at your sudden movements

and made herself smaller in your presence.

She did her best to put you on a pedestal,

bow at your feet and sing praises to you,

because happy you was how she stayed safe.

Did it make you feel good to put holes in the walls

and hands on a body that didn’t belong to you,

just so you could have control?

Did it make you feel like such a man

to place so much fear inside her fragile soul

she walked on eggshells for your happiness?

And now you cry out about your love for her,

how you gave it everything you had,

but you know what you gave her wasn’t love.

Love doesn’t come in the form of nights of terror,

or slamming car doors or bruised wrists,

nor does it try to break a soul into submission.

I only hope one day you’ll realize

you were more monster

than you ever were man.

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