Cracked Foundation

She wanted to see the good in you,

so she went to work building a foundation

for love and the future you promised her.

She noticed when you set your tools down

and left her to do all the work on her own,

but she made excuses for your behavior.

When you set fires to the walls and floors

she simply reached for the fire extinguisher.

Deep down she knew something was wrong

and she saw cracks form in the concrete,

but still she choose to go to work repairing

all the damage you caused to her safe space.

Until one day the fire spread too quickly

and you just sat there, laughing at flames.

She started seeing your intentions clearly,

That’s when the sirens went off in her head,

and she saw the home she built was not a home

but a prison meant to keep her contained.

It was when she packed her bags and left

that you realized you’d set too many fires.

How stupid of a man you were

to lose such stability.

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