Consider This A Journal Entry

I finally listened to that song you showed me the other day. I sang through the whole song, as in love with it now as I was before, without thinking of you once. It felt good to get you out of my system.

I stopped using people to fill the void you created when you got up and walked out on me. Took a bit, but I realized my pain, laid in it until the hurt stopped, and got back up again. I don’t miss you now, and it feels good to say that.

I’m content, in my life and in my mind. The sun is shining again, and I’m singing self-love. I’ll thank you for the good times, for showing me I was ready for something real, and hate how you broke my heart in the end. I wish you second best, truly, because you won’t find anyone better than me. I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now, though.

Take care.

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