Monster, Monster

I told someone a little about you,

the things you used to do,

and once again I forgot it wasn’t normal.

It made me wonder if you ever do

think about those things too;

if you feel guilty for losing your morals.

Do you think of how you grabbed my wrist

out of anger and started to twist,

while I was pregnant with your child?

What about the times you’d shut doors on me,

hold me on the ground ’til you heard me plea,

how you saw me in pain and just smiled?

Has regret and anguish crossed your mind?

Or is that something you still struggle to find?

You’ve probably got better ways to waste your time.

Yeah, I finally told someone about you,

and all the awful things you used to do,

I hope you remember the monster you were too.

2 thoughts on “Monster, Monster

  1. This is powerful. Abuse is something no one should ever have to go through and I’m sorry you did. You’re right that abusers are monsters and I doubt they think about the pain they cause but they should. It’s unfair we have to.

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    1. I agree it’s unfair the survivor is left to ponder the abuse they went through. I’m sorry you went through that too. I hope you’re doing well with wherever you are in your healing journey now.


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