I’ll Love You Until The Sun Dies

I was so hell bent on keeping walls and locking doors,

convinced of how my life would and should look,

I almost missed out on you.

I’m still unsure how you managed to break in,

but I will be forever grateful for you

and the plot twist you became.

Is it cliché to say life changed when I met you?

Because nothing I’ve ever said has rung so true.

And suddenly I crave an entire book with you;

One full of colorful chapters and poetic love,

dripping with the sweetness of intimacy

and basking in a golden glow of genuine bliss.

The life experiences that once scared me

don’t make me tremble when I ponder it now.

Instead, I’m eager for the future we’ll share.

Be it rings or bottles or contentment with us,

just know my forever will always be yours,

my perfect, genuine plot twist love.

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