It Hurts When You Steal The Light From My Eyes [Please Just Listen]

Sometimes I talk too much.

I’m aware that I do.

I go off on tangents that feel related to the topic, or maybe they take me down memory lane and don’t relate at all.

I get excited and want to share all the little details, thinking it paints a better picture for the listener.

Sometimes, I think I want to know another will listen, without saying get to the point, just to know they care enough to hear me out.

Regardless, sometimes I talk too much.

I used to think it was endearing to others, cause I find it endearing when another’s eyes light up and they can’t hold all the details in–

but I’m realizing that’s probably not the case.

So if you find me not as talkative, maybe even too quiet, it’s probably because you stole the light from my eyes with one too many, “Get to the point,” comments.

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