The Little Voice in My Head Says I’m Losing You

You’ve been so distant lately,

and I’m not sure what to do.

You say it’s not us, not me,

but I don’t quite believe you.

If you’re so happy with me…

then why do you look so sad?

And it’s driving me to look;

look for the problem, look for answers.

I’m only finding things that confirm my fears.

I miss when you were so happy with me.

How do we get back to that,

and do you even want to?

6 thoughts on “The Little Voice in My Head Says I’m Losing You

  1. Trust your instincts on this. If you are feeling this drift and it stands out like a red flag 🚩 don’t let yourself get hurt even worse by sticking someone out

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  2. When men go distant there’s a reason and that reason is usually another woman. Trust your gut and don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t communicate.

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  3. Consider all Avenues before assuming the worst here. Maybe something else is going on for him. Still, he shouldn’t be leaving you wondering. I’d ask the questions you need to.

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