More Than

I want you to care about me

in more than words

and societal norms

and expectations.

I want you to wrap your arms around

my waist,

my heart,

my soul;

tell me all the ways I make life loveable

and curious

and safe

and whole.

I want you to understand me,

my past,

my present,

my future;

to turn what you understood into what you hear

what you see,

what you have,

what you processed.

I want nights spent free of frustration, full of joy

and respect,

and simplicity,

and intimacy;

something more than bodies

and sentences,

and compromises,

and satisfaction.

Is it too much to ask for such stability in what we have

that I never doubt you’re eager to come home to me every night;

Not with flowers,

and chocolates,

and apologies in tow,

but with a deep desire to love me in my entirety?


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