[Repost] Sometimes I feel like I live in a glass house with opaque walls. From a distance, it's just a blur of whatever this house contains, But come closer and you'll make out what's happening inside. My life is both hidden in plain view and vividly on display. I both hate it and beg for … Continue reading Opaque


Shh... Quiet your mind. Inner peace is so hard to find. Feel the feelings, think the thoughts, and hope by morning you've forgot where mouths have been and hands have hit, how loud your head is when you sit and think all those traumatic thoughts. Just hope come sunrise you've forgot.


Words fall like acid raindrops and I struggle to avoid them. The ones that make contact sear into my skin, etching themselves into the fabric of my being. It's unnerving when the rain suddenly stops, though. The sunshine breaks through the gloom, clouds dissolve into joyful rays of gentle love. The change in the atmosphere … Continue reading Seared