Careful, Cautious

I can be your best friend, or your soul mate, or your lover. I can encourage you, and support you, and care about you. But I cannot be your escape, your distraction, your weekend getaway. I don't want to be the one who fills the void, who takes on your burdens, who helps you get … Continue reading Careful, Cautious


Words spark wildfires inside my mind and trail through the fibers of my soul. I don't bother to address the flames, as I know I am not equipped to handle such a blaze. Inside I sit in the thick of it, engulfed by red and orange light that sears my happiness. To you it's mere … Continue reading Aglow

Sin on Porcelain

I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, but only your touch will do. Run your fingers over slow, find places only you'll know, explore something new. Trace patterns down my spine, lace your body with mine, let the fantasies come true. Cause I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, and only you will do.