Love Doesn’t Make Me Forget

Sad doesn't even describe it, when the neat little lines designed to make me feel fail to make me feel anything. Maybe this is depression or maybe just heartbreak. I don't know anymore. All I know is that the words that stung the most left the mouths of those who claim to love me. And … Continue reading Love Doesn’t Make Me Forget


Words fall like acid raindrops and I struggle to avoid them. The ones that make contact sear into my skin, etching themselves into the fabric of my being. It's unnerving when the rain suddenly stops, though. The sunshine breaks through the gloom, clouds dissolve into joyful rays of gentle love. The change in the atmosphere … Continue reading Seared

Everything Feels Uncertain Lately, and I Effing Hate It

I have so many questions, some I've asked, and yet no answers to satisfy me. Now all I'm left with is hesitancy, a touch of confusion, and heightened insecurities. I know... It's all "crazy" to you, but I'm still hurt-- shouldn't that matter more? I forgot communication is only key, when it's not acknowledging; our … Continue reading Everything Feels Uncertain Lately, and I Effing Hate It