When It All Comes Crashing Down.

I think I finally grieved all that I needed to last night; sat on the balcony for what felt like hours, cried out pain I've clung onto. I yelled at God for abandoning me, prayed for protection of my life, asked the universe to spare me. I let out all the frustration and fear, all … Continue reading When It All Comes Crashing Down.

Maybe I’m a Little in My Feels

When I met you, I suddenly wanted more. Like a switch flipped and I wanted the just-because flowers, and the forehead kisses, and the late night phone calls, and the hand holding, and even the idea of slow dancing in the kitchen of my apartment. Now, I crave the present and the future and the … Continue reading Maybe I’m a Little in My Feels

Forest Fire

I found peace in the arms of a man who carefully wrapped himself around me, kissed the top of my head and whispered, "I'm so lucky to have you, baby." Should I ever lose his presence, that moment sparked something in me. I'm not longer a small ember, but a whole damn forest fire.