[Repost] Sometimes I feel like I live in a glass house with opaque walls. From a distance, it's just a blur of whatever this house contains, But come closer and you'll make out what's happening inside. My life is both hidden in plain view and vividly on display. I both hate it and beg for … Continue reading Opaque

The Nightmare Doesn’t Fucking Stop

I have this recurring nightmare. It's the same dream over and over again. You're no where to be found and after the panic sets in I realize that's how you want it to be. You've left, cut off contact, disappeared. I wake up at the part where I finally get it, only to fall back … Continue reading The Nightmare Doesn’t Fucking Stop

Sin on Porcelain

I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, but only your touch will do. Run your fingers over slow, find places only you'll know, explore something new. Trace patterns down my spine, lace your body with mine, let the fantasies come true. Cause I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, and only you will do.