More Than

I want you to care about me in more than words and societal norms and expectations. I want you to wrap your arms around my waist, my heart, my soul; tell me all the ways I make life loveable and curious and safe and whole. I want you to understand me, my past, my present, … Continue reading More Than

I Didn’t Recognize the Man Before Me

Red leather booth. Teary-eyed girl. Angry man. Restaurant packed. Tears spilled. Face flushed with embarrassment. Half-hearted apologies. Hurtful comments. Mixed messages. Unrecognizable. Unbearable. Uncertain. Panicked mind. Racing heart. Fight or flight mode. Name calling. No love. No care. Please stop. Please stay. Please leave. Make up. Forget about it. No conversation. Heart shattered. Memory tainted. … Continue reading I Didn’t Recognize the Man Before Me