Color me vivid, with pinks to represent the strong and blues to represent the dainty and green to represent the growth. Color me creative, with black to represent the integrity and white to represent the purity, and orange to represent the fire inside. Color me complete, with yellow to represent the positive, and red to … Continue reading Visionary

Maybe I’m a Little in My Feels

When I met you, I suddenly wanted more. Like a switch flipped and I wanted the just-because flowers, and the forehead kisses, and the late night phone calls, and the hand holding, and even the idea of slow dancing in the kitchen of my apartment. Now, I crave the present and the future and the … Continue reading Maybe I’m a Little in My Feels

Forest Fire

I found peace in the arms of a man who carefully wrapped himself around me, kissed the top of my head and whispered, "I'm so lucky to have you, baby." Should I ever lose his presence, that moment sparked something in me. I'm not longer a small ember, but a whole damn forest fire.