The Thunderstorm Cannot Break Me

They say the odds of being struck by lightning twice are in the millions, but it seems like lightning keeps finding me just fine; in the bedroom of a boy I thought I knew, in the arms of a man I thought I could trust, in my own bedroom where I once felt safe. Everywhere … Continue reading The Thunderstorm Cannot Break Me

Sin on Porcelain

I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, but only your touch will do. Run your fingers over slow, find places only you'll know, explore something new. Trace patterns down my spine, lace your body with mine, let the fantasies come true. Cause I'm craving sin on porcelain skin, and only you will do.

Forest Fire

I found peace in the arms of a man who carefully wrapped himself around me, kissed the top of my head and whispered, "I'm so lucky to have you, baby." Should I ever lose his presence, that moment sparked something in me. I'm not longer a small ember, but a whole damn forest fire.