Words, Phrases, and an Inability to Understand

"I hope you don't look back on this moment, and wish it had stayed the same as the first two years." "I don't want to lose a piece of you because of this." "I can't imagine going one day without you. I can't lose you." "I don't want to lose your trust, your heart, your … Continue reading Words, Phrases, and an Inability to Understand

Value in the Violence

I'm different because of you. I used to think it was a curse; a defect in the aftermath of us. I convinced myself it made me weak to be damaged by your time in my life. Don't get me wrong, if I could I would change how I jump at sounds and how I wake … Continue reading Value in the Violence


The words I've left unsaid because I was too afraid of hurting another's feelings or rocking the boat I was in, slip past my lips, spill into the pitch black of night, and haunt me in my sleep. Oh, how I regret being kind when I should've been honest.