I Wish You Could Just Stay

It’s an usually warm spring day and the sun is out.

You lift my hand up to your mouth and gently kiss the back of it,

something that’s become habit and yet still stirs up butterflies in me.

I’ve had you by my side for almost three days;

like always it’s not enough time with the man I love.

The song Here (In Your Arms) by HelloGoodbye comes on the radio,

and I know it’s not your favorite genre of music,

but you let me listen to it anyways and all I can think is,

how the lyrics fit the way I feel about us.

I know they’re simple lyrics and our love is so much more than that,

but it fits, just like how your fingers fit in the spaces between mine.

It’s the last twenty miles before I’ll drop you off and head back home;

my heart breaks all over again.

It’s just five days without you, our unfortunate routine,

but it’ll be five days too long because half of my heart is gone

and I am no longer whole without you.

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